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Wilder Wins in Spectacular One Punch KO Over Ortiz


Las Vegas, November 23rd, 2019- And just like that, Deontay Wilder proved again that he is the king of power with one punch.

We heard it from Wilder “You have to be perfect for twelve rounds, I only have to be perfect for one second”. That line will become synonymous with Wilder through history like the great boxing quotes of the past.

Walking to the ring in his Sunday best; an outfit that could only be described as anime meets bling bling, Wilder looked every bit the part of a superstar as Twitter fans went crazy posting meme’s of the jewel studded outfit.

Photo: Sean Michael Ham/Mayweather Promotions

Despite losing almost every round to a tactical Ortiz, Wilder landed a laser right hand at 2:51 dropping the experienced Cuban like a sack of potatoes in the seventh round.

Game over.

“With Ortiz, you can see why no other heavyweight wants to fight him,” said Wilder. “He’s very crafty, he moves strategically and his intellect is very high. I had to measure him in certain places.”

“This is boxing,” said Ortiz. “I said that one of us was going to get knocked out and it wasn’t going to go 12 rounds. I was clear headed when I hit the canvas. When I heard the referee say seven I was trying to get up, but I guess the count went a little quicker than I thought.

In American boxing, the welterweights can create headlines, the Mexican population can keep your company afloat with the featherweights and lightweights.

Nothing will make people invite their friends over for a BBQ and beer like a heavyweight championship.

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