Under the Hand Wraps: Jessie Magdaleno


Under the Hand Wraps: Jessie Magdaleno Episode Two

“The road to success is paved with the stones of sacrifice. Brick by brick each stone is laid as a monument to the fighter’s desire. Providing for the future gives the courage to endure pain. And for the fighter, the tools to lay these testaments of sacrifice- lie under the hand wraps.”

WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Jessie Magdaleno returns to Under the Hand Wraps in a revealing episode about the pain and sacrifice a fighter makes to reach the top.

From Las Vegas, Magdaleno determines which one of his brothers is his Mom’s favorite son and details the heartache of leaving family behind to pursue championship dreams.

Training at Legendz Boxing Gym in Norwalk, California; Magdaleno is part of the high caliber stable of fighters trained by Manuel “Manny” Robles.

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Writer/Producer/Director of the Under the Hand Wraps documentary series and owner of Albert Baker is currently based in Fresno, California and has been covering boxing since 2014.

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