• Chocolatito Thumbnail

    Under the Hand Wraps: Chocolatito

    Under the Hand Wraps returns with four division and former Ring Magazine Pound for Pound Champion of the world Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez. Chocolatito rose from...

  • Ryan Garcia is the Goods: UTHW Fight Vlog

    The young man is coming into his own and there isn’t much holding him back. Check out my thoughts on Ryan Garcia’s performance last night.

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    UTHW Unedited: Tom Loeffler

    UTHW:                                  00:03                     All right. So so tell me how you got into boxing. Tom Loeffler:                     00:09                     I started in boxing really through a sports memorabilia...

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    Alexis Rocha is Golden Boy’s Next Welterweight Contender

    Los Angeles, January 28th, 2020- So there I was in downtown Los Angeles at the Golden Boy headquarters. Young Alexis Rocha walks into the conference...

  • WIlder_Fury_Pose1

    Why the Media Thinks Wilder Fury 2 is the Most Important Fight in Boxing

    Today Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury went face to face in the second and final press conference ahead of their rematch scheduled to take place...