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Los Angeles, May 9th, 2019- It already feels like I’ve forgotten the hype train pushing the Charlo twins into super-stardom had left the station.

Last December was supposed to be a coronation of the two as they co-featured on the first PBC on Fox card. The end result was anything but spectacular with Jermell Charlo 31-1 15KOs losing his undefeated record and WBC title in the process to Tony “Superbad” Harrison 28-2 21KOs.

What was supposed to be an introduction to the world through a major network ended in two of PBC’s top names losing virtually all of their stock as heir apparent to the top echelon of the sport. Jermall Charlo, the twin brother of Jermell won a controversial unanimous decision over Matvey Korobov in a fight he was expected to dominate.

The fanatics of boxing weren’t forgiving in their criticism of the Charlo’s and they have dropped out of the talk of the top of the sport since.

At a feisty face off in the Conga Room in downtown Los Angeles Jermell Charlo and Tony Harrison traded barbs and a face touching moment that swept social media channels for the day.

“I’m coming to this rematch with a whole different mindset and a much better game plan. I took this loss like a wake up call and reminded myself why I’ve been doing this for all these years.” Charlo said in an acknowledgement that his ego and persona may have grown too much leading to last December.

Jermell Charlo pleads his case to the media Photo: Lina Baker

“You keep talking about judges, if it would’ve went his way he wouldn’t be talking about judges, these n***as talkin bout judges. I don’t understand these n***as mentality. As soon as they face adversity they looking for somebody to blame. Man up” Harrison interrupted Charlo as he began complaining about the judging of the fight.

Tony Harrison speaks on Decembers result Photo: Lina Baker

“I’m dominating this fight. If he does make it to the 12th round, he’s going to be bruised and beat down.” “I’m going to baptize his ass” Charlo said.

Harrison clearly isn’t embracing the flash in the pan moment as a temporary victory for his career. “It’s fact, when my kids hear your daddy beat Charlo for a world title that’s a fact, because it happened.” The heated exchanges boiled over to an intense face of with foreheads and faces clashing.

Anything but a sensational victory for Jermell Charlo will be a step back for the once promising champion. No longer mentioned for future big time bouts the brash fighter looks to rebuild the hype that once surrounded his promising career.

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Writer/Producer/Director of the Under the Hand Wraps documentary series and owner of Albert Baker is currently based in Fresno, California and has been covering boxing since 2014.

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