Let’s Try This Again: Canelo Golovkin Sell Rematch via Facebook


They’re Just Sick of it All

Los Angeles, (July 3, 2018)- A first in boxing, the two biggest names in the sport met digitally via Facebook for a press conference headed by Mauricio Pedroza of ESPN. Pedroza did his best to rile up the old angst from the heated fan fest event held at LA Live last February however, the fighters didn’t acquiesce.

In what looked more like an episode of a morning sports show on ESPN rather than a press conference or fight event, Canelo and Golovkin showed they’re clearly tired of talking about each other. Pedroza fearlessly slung the tough questions only to pull muted responses from the combatants.

Completely avoiding the issue of his positive test for Clenbuterol, Alvarez’s response to Pedroza’s question of “What Happened?” was simply “the reason of the cancellation we all know, there’s no need to talk about that”.

Golovkin veered from slandering Alvarez replying to Pedroza’s question of whether he believed Alvarez’s positive test was due to tainted meat, saying “I think it was a team failure but it doesn’t matter right now”.

Not leaving opportunities for the non-combatants off the table, Pedroza took the questions to trainer Abel Sanchez, who hasn’t been shy about his disdain for Alvarez’s positive test.  “I talked about him because of what his actions have been and I think the consequences it has caused for us as a team here” noted Sanchez.

Sanchez’s claim of consequences to Golovkin’s team refers to the loss of a payday and time. Rather than building for a rematch; this summer could have been spent promoting a lucrative rubber match. Despite the increased payday Golovkin earned during negotiations Golovkin is now older and one fight removed from a short remainder of the 36 year old’s career.

Promoters Promote

Not to let the entire show go to waste Oscar Del Hoya and Tom Loeffler offered good insight and a few jabs at each other to spark the comment section ablaze. “Canelo, this time around less Mexican meat, more Mexican style” said Loeffler, a jab at the box and move approach taken by Alvarez last September.

Credit should be given to Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy CEO Eric Gomez for making the rematch a reality “look Canelo has the bigger piece of the pie” Said De La Hoya “This fight has to be made because we didn’t want to experience another Hagler-Hearns or Hagler-Sugar Ray Leonard because we didn’t see the second fight” “like Trinidad and myself, we didn’t see the second fight.” said De La Hoya.

Pedroza, had already taken the gloves off and was fearlessly asking what every boxing-head has drunkenly asked at every club fight, bar, and social media outlet for months to the delight of the flaming comment section on Facebook.

“On our side we know who the champion is. It doesn’t matter who is announced first. Doesn’t matter whose name appears first on the poster. GGG is the champion. He’s going to walk in with his belts and the important thing is he’s going to walk out with his belts.” Said Loeffler in regard to the negotiations that brought Golovkin’s split to an estimated 55-45 after Oscar De La Hoya reportedly invested his own money into the fight.

The Fighters know what the fans are saying

“I don’t believe all Mexico will be rooting for Canelo” said Golovkin to an assortment of “Mexicans for GGG” style comments in the comment section that blazed with Mexican support for the Khazak fighter.

“Look I’ve always had  detractors” said Alvarez “There’s always that side of the fans that are detractors, but I have much more, many more that love and support me.” in an indication that Alvarez is aware of Mexican support for Golovkin and the ire towards him since the positive drug test.

No Promotion Required

The idea that no promotion is required for the rematch is valid considering the controversial draw of the first fight, and public outrage for and against Canelo following his positive test for clenbuterol.

In reality, its sorely missed. Controversy alone can’t hold the day for the biggest fight of the year, the fighters need to put themselves in the public square and create buzz.

Not having a face off is a buzz kill.

A press conference with hand selected press asking only a few questions total is a farce.

In the end ticket and pay-per-view sales will prove the move right or wrong.

Taking the experience of a mega-fight buildup from the fans will be remembered.

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