It’s Now or Never for Jacobs


Los Angeles April 29th, 2019- Daniel Jacobs and his harrowing story of triumph over cancer is a miraculous story. The historical records of boxing however don’t judge the best of the sport on the their conquests outside the ring.

Jacobs has all the intangibles to be the first name printed on the bill, he fights with ferocity and finesse, he’s intelligent, maintains a positive appearance, is a role model for youth, and speaks from the heart.

When Daniel Jacobs talks, people listen.

It’s an accurate statement to say that Daniel Jacobs and his presence of positivity isn’t the most prolific personality in boxing. American fame in the sport is normally reserved for the outrageous and uncouth.

A close loss to Gennady Golovkin in 2017 stung the American as the Khazak fighter went on to face Jacobs current opponent Canelo Alvarez. Golovkin fell short twice in a scenario similar to Jacobs controversial performance against Golovkin.

“It’s past me, I gained experience from it and for this fight”. Jacobs said during an international press conference.

A win over Canelo Alvarez could catapult the American to the top of the conversation and pound for pound lists. Currently, I haven’t seen Jacobs name on anyone’s pound for pound lists.

It’s not surprising, Jacobs doesn’t toot his own horn every chance he gets.

He lets the work speak for itself.

A loss for Jacobs would be devastating, there are no realistic opportunities for him outside of a fight against little known yet highly skilled Demetrius Andrade. He could pick up a title, but no notoriety outside of the hardcore of the boxing base. Andrade skill set also makes that a daunting task.

Jacobs has one option this Saturday. Win, and win impressively.

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Writer/Producer/Director of the Under the Hand Wraps documentary series and owner of Albert Baker is currently based in Fresno, California and has been covering boxing since 2014.

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