Indio, CA March 30th, 2019- Ryan Garcia 18-0 15KOs keeps winning and the train is getting crowded. In front of a sellout crowd at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA Garcia flashed his vaunted smile and wowed the crowd of girls and surprisingly more guys than usual. The opponent was insignificant, the moment was Ryan Garcia’s and nothing was going to halt the momentum building event.

Garcia lands a right uppercut. Photo Lina Baker
Garcia lands a right uppercut. Photo Lina Baker

The kid is pretty, he projects confidence like no other in the sport, and he has the gift of gab. Do the skills match the face and charisma? We still don’t have the answer to that. Jesus Lopez 20-4-1 14KOs was stopped at the end of the second round after quitting on his stool. He was dropped and decided Garcia was too much to come back out for.

 “I’m training with Eddy Reynoso, one of the best trainers in the world right now,” said Ryan Garcia. “My improvements are even going to get better and better. My fights are going to get better and better, and the competition is going to get better. And I’m going to be ready for it. I’m showing everybody that I need to put up the competition because the more I get better, the opposition has to get better. And do I think I’m ready for a world title this year? Hell yes. Defense is the one thing with Eddy that we’re working on every day, and I’ve seen Canelo do it. You’ve seen how much he’s improved over the years, and I’m just learning from the best. So, the more and more I train with my brother [Canelo] right here, the more we’re going to get better”

Is Garcia too much? Not even a little bit. Boxing needs an American mega-star and the young Victorville, CA native has something for this young generation that nobody understands. Bringing a new market to the arena, Garcia will cash in on television and other celebrity ventures to propel his smile and character to a height unseen by boss Oscar De La Hoya in this social media era.

The train is almost full and the coordinates are grounded in the future. Now let’s see if the kid can keep it on the tracks.

Ryan garcia
Ryan garcia Photo Lina Baker

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