Carson, CA (March 11, 2018)- In a scene made for the movies Oscar Valdez 24-0 19KO’s clocked in to stamp a special night in an already special venue. Torrential rain? No Problem. Opponent didn’t make-weight and created a storm of controversy? No problem. The crossover Mexican champion from Nogales didn’t flinch, he bothered with one thing. His job.

Refusing to weigh in the day of the fight, Scott Quigg 34-2-2 25KO’s and the Valdez camp made an undisclosed financial deal to go forward with the bout. Reports that Quigg weighed 142.2 and Valdez 135.6 prior to the fight, drew mixed reactions from the brave few media watching the fight ringside in the rain. Rumors speculated that some in Valdez’s camp advised the champion not to go through with the fight and it was Valdez that made the final decision.

Firing fastballs in combination, Valdez out-boxed and out-punched the visibly larger Quigg early. Left hooks to the liver, behind the elbow were thrown in abundance by Valdez as Quigg had yet to heat up. At the end of the fifth round Quigg fired a right hand that knocked the lower right teeth out of Valdez. Rocked and wobbly, Valdez held on and made it out of the round while Quigg got rolling. Despite a visibly broken nose Quigg started to time Valdez as he pulled back with his hands low, sending right hands to the side of Valdez’s head.

Finding a home for his over hand right Quigg started to win rounds and do damage to Valdez. A low blow from Quigg near the end of the eleventh gave Valdez time to recover. Valdez answered  the foul with a hard left hand that hurt Quigg, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The crowd roaring, both fighters traded back and forth until the final bell. On scores of 117-111 twice and 118-110 Oscar Valdez retained his WBO Featherweight title.

Oscar Valdez

Oscar Valdez had visible damage to the lower right row of teeth from a Quigg right hand. Photo: Mikey Williams/TopRank

“Scott’s a tremendous fighter. Look what he did to my teeth.” Valdez told ESPN’s Todd Grisham after the fight before going to the hospital. Much respect to him. It was a war. He caught me with some good shots. He’s a tough fighter. It’s boxing. He gets hit, I get hit.”

After missing weight Quigg couldn’t have won the title, meaning a Quigg victory would have made the WBO strap vacant. “I thought it might have been a round or two closer.” said Quigg. “That’s what I expected on the cards, but he won the fight. The close rounds, they sided with him.”

“It’s a very serious injury” Trainer Manny Robles said. “It shows you what type of fighter he is, what type of warrior he is. It’s remarkable, he fought a welterweight tonight.”

The rain and atmosphere surrounding the fight adds to the mystique of the famed Stub-hub Center in Carson. Great fights are a requirement for the circular outdoor arena and tonight notches another classic for the venue. A special place on a peculiar stormy special night, and an undeniably special fighter.


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Writer/Producer/Director of the Under the Hand Wraps documentary series and owner of Albert Baker is currently based in Fresno, California and has been covering boxing since 2014.

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