Things Are About To Heat Up


Los Angeles, April 9th 2019- It felt eerily calm last weekend, I had time to edit a few film projects for clients that have been sitting around longer than I’d have liked. As I sat ferociously editing at a furious pace whilst chugging my new favorite energy drink BANG by the case I though to myself.

Why in the hell do I have so much time this weekend?

Check Twitter, oh that’s right the Final Four. Nope no time for college hoops, these films aren’t going to edit themselves. Shobox card on Friday that left me feeling ho-hum, no time to write about it I’ll cover that in the vlog. As I sat streaming the fights while creatively piecing together workout clips and fight highlights to the slamming beats of rock music, the Top Rank twitter feed flashed announcement banners selling Lomachenko vs Crolla to the face of my crookedly laid iPhone.

I’m not overly enthusiastic about the fight that has been mocked on Twitter for as of today, low ticket sales.

But this is the state of boxing.

The overly political and seemingly endless racial debate of the seedy underbelly of boxing and its media has become a bore. A stain to my hopes and thoughts of just seeing good fights.

Every response to an argument or debate is now prefaced with “but he’s with Promoter X and Promoter Z doesn’t work with them so….”

But if they did.

It just doesn’t look like its going to happen, well not this year at least. And that’s ok. Because things are heating up.

Loma vs Crolla is a decent matchup. Not a great matchup, but decent. It’s not Lomachenko’s fault that he has been so utterly dominant. In his weight division(s) he is the most accomplished and recognized as what the twitter-verse calls “The A Side”.

Getting other top shelf fighters to accept B side money is tough when they can be the A side fighting low tier competition on high profile networks. Reputations need to be built, so do fights, and Lomachenko is doing what he should do. He’s fighting.

Sitting on a shelf because no big name opponent is available shouldn’t be a go to option for the Ukranian technician. Lomachenko needs to fight, he needs to continue making his case. The fight against Crolla is like the starting gun for the race to big summer fights.

The schedule heats up on all of the networks leading to a summer that I pray includes the return of Errol Spence. ESPN, Fox, and DAZN all have intriguing matchups in various weight divisions. Matchups that set up future matchups.

Its a good time to be a fan, despite the level of false outrage that mirrors the nations political and mainstream media climate. Boxing is reaching a resurgence of epic proportions.

Eventually, the money will become too great to pass up, the stars are fighting soon. Canelo, Wilder, and Joshua all have bigger fish to fry than their respective current opponents.

Things are just heating up.

About Albert Baker

Writer/Producer/Director of the Under the Hand Wraps documentary series and owner of Albert Baker is currently based in Fresno, California and has been covering boxing since 2014.

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