Sleep on Khan at Your Own Peril.


Los Angeles April 19th, 2019- Skimming my twitter timeline this month has been like reading a ten-part tale of woe in an epic tragedy. A story that begins with an impossible mission, and ends with the hero, the villain, and supporting cast losing.

This Saturday on ESPN Pay-Per-View the consensus pound for pound leader Terrance Crawford 34-0 25KOs takes on Amir Khan 33-4 20KOs in what is being sold as Crawford’s toughest test to date.

Post after post, my Twitter timeline details this common opinion of the fight, “Khan will win the first two to four rounds then Crawford will stop him early”- Random boxing Twitter guy.

Since being stopped by Canelo Alvarez in brutal one punch fashion, Khan has won two in a row against average competition and was dropped by Samuel Vargas in his last fight. “Maybe my last performance got me this fight. To me, that wasn’t the best performance. That wasn’t the best Amir Khan.” said Khan.

Crawford has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, he believes he’s the best in the world and wants to prove it. “I don’t believe no fight that I fight is just another fight for me. I believe that all fights that I fight from here on out are for my legacy. That’s why I want the biggest fights out there. Amir Khan’s name came up because he was the next best welterweight in the division.”

Khan may not be the next best welterweight in the division but he’s available.

Once a force in the sport, Khan is being treated as a name on a resume now. Downgraded to an expected outcome, the stellar performances of speed and power are talked about as small tidbits to overcome en route to knocking Khan unconscious.

The main point in the case for Crawford knocking Khan unconscious revolves around Crawford adjusting to Khan, then timing him with a miraculous one-punch head spinning knock-out. Sounds great right? Surely it’ll come to fruition, such intense analysis should immediately land the twitter folk leading analyst jobs at ESPN ahead of the current old-hats.

What if Khan adjusts with Crawford? What if Khan’s angles and speed keep Crawford off balance?

This will be Khan’s third fight within the last year, any kinks or rust to be shaken off has been done. When the British fighter is firing on all cylinders he can be a handful to deal with and formidable against any level of competition.

Crawford is the favorite for good reason, momentum is on his side. He’s undefeated, he hasn’t looked vulnerable, and he’s shown that he can adjust to timing. The nasty streak Crawford demonstrates in the ring is one of his biggest strengths and its a major reason for planting the thought that he will finish Khan before the final bell.

“He has to be focused every second of every round and be able to read the adjustments that a great fighter like Crawford will make. He’s {excellent} at making adjustments, and we have to be able to read those adjustments and adjust accordingly to stay competitive and try to win this fight.” Khan trainer Virgil Hunter said.

Terrance Crawford and Amir Khan won’t be fighting on Twitter, they won’t be making assumptions based on prejudiced opinion. They’re fighting face to face, speed vs speed, punch for punch, and style for style.

Styles make fights.

Sleep on Khan at your own peril.

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Writer/Producer/Director of the Under the Hand Wraps documentary series and owner of Albert Baker is currently based in Fresno, California and has been covering boxing since 2014.

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