Diaz KO’s Terrazas

Indio, CA (February 22, 2018)- Out of the ring since a one sided points victory in September, Joseph “JoJo” Diaz Jr. 26-0 (14KO’s) returned against aged former champion Victor Terrazas 38-5-2 (21KO’s). The stay-busy fight was scheduled after the WBC ordered title-holder Gary Russell Jr. to defend against Diaz. Promoter Goldenboy plans to pair the two in May on the Canelo vs. Golovkin undercard. Keeping their fighter sharp Diaz took care of business exactly as expected.

Opening the first round Diaz planted a left hook onto the mid-section of Terrazas that put the Mexican on his knees. Terrazas beat the count but a follow up left hook by Diaz upstairs sent him down again. Making it out of the round was merely a consolation for the veteran, Diaz launched another left hook to the liver of Terrazas in the third putting him down. Referee Raul Caiz Jr. had seen enough waiving the end of the contest as the bell sounded at 3:00 of the third round.

Diaz came away unscathed to setup a world title shot in May against a Gary Russell that has been content to fighting as scarcely possible. “I’m ready to have the world title around my waist. Gary Russel Jr.: Your next. Once I defeat him and have that belt around my waist I’m going to give the fans what they want to see.” Diaz said.


Vergil Ortiz Rolls

In the co-main event Dallas native but locally trained in Indio by Joel Diaz; Virgil Ortiz 9-0 (9KO’s) trounced Jesus Alvarez 15-4 (11KO’s)of Sinaloa, Mexico. Ortiz showed why Goldenboy is pushing him to the front of their televised fights early in his career. He’s exciting, and he knocks people unconscious. Behind an educated jab Ortiz showed poise and good measured violence to setup a beautiful double-jab right hook combination to put Alvarez down in the first. In the third round Ortiz landed a left hook behind the ear of Alvarez destroying his equilibrium and buckling his legs. Ortiz pounced but referee Eddie Hernandez had seen enough and jumped in to save Alvarez at 2:23 of the third.

“There’s still things I need to work on but we got the win and I feel good, I’m glad that I’m getting these opportunities” Ortiz said after the fight.

Christian Gonzalez Drops Swing Bout

The script read that in the event of early knockouts “El Chimpa” Christian Gonzalez 18-2 (15KO’s) would come in and stop journeyman Rey Perez 22-9 (6KO’s) of Los Angeles. Somebody forgot to ensure Perez was on the same page. Perez rocked Gonzalez early and often, showing no defense Gonzalez couldn’t get out of his own way as he robotically followed Perez around the ring collecting punishment. On scores of 79-73 (twice) and 78-74 Perez earns the upset.

Genaro Gamez Stops Game Mendoza

San Diego product Genaro Gamez 7-0 (5KO’s) and Miguel Mendoza 23-14-2 (22KO’s) pleased the crowd during a scheduled 8 round bout. Gamez is a handsome kid that bangs, Mendoza brought 38 fights of experience to the ring and the two produce a good undercard fight. Gamez fired big hooks bringing the crowed to its feet as they whipped Mendoza’s head. Mendoza returned fire and landed on Gamez as he backed straight out. In the fourth round Mendoza started to show wear and retired on his stool before the beginning of the fifth. Gamez showed some weakness and Mendoza was quick to exploit it playing the part of journeyman excellently.

Tanajara Only Needs Two Minutes

It didn’t even take two minutes for puncher Hector Tanajara 12-0 (5KO’s) to dispatch opponent Eduardo Rivera 10-4-2 (4KO’s). A big right hand sent Rivera reeling to the ropes, Tanajra followed up with a left uppercut that put Rivera down to his knees. Referee Raul Caiz Jr. called a halt to the fight at 1:53  to notch another victory for Tanajara’s development.

Manny Robles Jr. WIns

Manny Robles Jr. 15-0 (7KO’s) opened the nights action against Martin Cardona 24-11 (16KO’s) of Tucson. Robles was too fast, too strong, and on the upswing against a down-swinging Cardona. After three rounds of pummeling the referee called a halt to fight at 2:53 in the fourth to save Cardona for another day. Robles picks up the win and showed improvement in the right direction, father/trainer Manny Robles also trains WBO Featherweight champion Oscar Valdez and Junior Featherweight champion Jesse Magdaleno.

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