Benavidez Looks to End All Doubt Against Gavril Saturday


Benavidez Looks to End all Doubt


Los Angeles, February 11, 2018- Less than six months ago David Benavidez 19-0 17KO’s battled Romanian Ronald Gavril 18-2 14KO’s for the vacant WBC Super Middleweight title. Winning via split decision, Benavidez walked away the youngest Super Middleweight champion in history despite being knocked down in the final round.

“I was ready and trying to close the show, I was winning the fight and got comfortable. I did some things I shouldn’t have and got dropped when I was off balance, I shouldn’t have got dropped but I did and I learned. I’m learning every day.” Benavidez said over the phone about the knockdown that helped make a rematch with Gavril a possibility.

Benavidez showed serious boxing IQ in the first fight, Gavril’s will to win was identified in the climax of the knockdown. Now they’ll meet again this Saturday in Las Vegas to settle the score. “I feel good, we’ve been training for three months and have done a lot different.” By different Benavidez references the hiring of notorious strength and fitness coach Alex Ariza.

“Working with David is good, this guy has no bad habits, his dad has always been cracking the whip and both David and Jose are hard workers. I’m just bringing the physical science to their game and we’re taking them to a whole other level.” Ariza explained during a visit to training camp. “Yeah Alex is kicking our ass, I’m working muscles I didn’t even know I had, he has me swimming” Benavidez laughed “I don’t even know how to swim”.

David Benavidez Training

David Benavidez working with strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza

Benavidez recently brought in top level sparring to help prepare for the aggressive Gavril. Rogelio “Porky” Medina challenged and lost to Benvidez in a fight of the year contender last May. “The after effect of a fight like ours is respect. We respect each other and now we work together to reach our goals” said Medina during a phone call to the team. “Bringing in Porky is great he’s a world class fighter also and if I want to be the best I have to train like the best and Medina and Gavril have a similar style. He was willing to come in and help, so it all worked out.”

“I want to knock this guy out; this fight needs to end in a knockout.” Benavidez said as his tone changed to business. “This has been my best camp ever, I have more stamina, I’m able to push through rounds better, I’m ready to tear this guy apart.” February 17th Benavidez gets his chance on the under-card of the Danny Garcia vs. Brandon Rios main event. “If I want to be a star, I have to deliver and bring excitement. On February 17th I’m going to steal the show.”

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